In 1976, the Japanese company Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd, in a search for new sources for marine products, started locating fishing grounds in the southern zone of the Chilean sea, with the proper legal authorizations of the fishing and maritime authorities, in order to make the most from the resources of the south demersal fisheries, which at that time were unexplored. Nippon Suisan Kaisha picked up the Factory Vessel “Kirishima” to start this task in the south sea of our country.


So It begun the history of the born of the “Empresa de Desarrollo Pesquero de Chile”, a company founded with Chilean and Japanese capital investments as Joint Venture. Emdepes was born in October 11th, 1978, having two factory vessels; The FV “Kirishima” and the FV “Fuji” with base port located in Valparaiso and afterwards also in Punta Arenas. Since then, starts the integration of Chilean and Japanese Crew.


As year passed the first Factory Vessels of the company are substituted for more modern vessels according to the new technologies and resources conditions.  Nowadays Emdepes poses two Factory Vessels: “Unzen” (frozen fish) and “Unionsur” (Surimi maker Vessel), about 5.000TRG, with these two Vessels Emdepes manufacture all the products.



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